Redefining Melbourne Property Valuation the Valuers way

The objective of Valuation is that the buyer should get the full title of the land along with the full and undisputed right to use the land. The onus of taking care of this base point in buying property lies on the buyer while making the purchase. The transaction of this ownership is not an easy job. On stamp papers and on legal documents it may seem so easy like buying candy from a supermarket. But the property market is stationed where the house property lies. It is not as easy as it looks on the paper. When it is put to test practically, the whole transaction becomes a very complicated job to carry out. One should not only take the help of professionals to get the job done but always be aware of the rudiments that are to be followed. 

There are three stages of property Valuation or property settlement. They revolve around the whole point of making the contract as mentioned here: Before signing the contract, before completion of the contract or the stage of actual contract and after completion of the contract. Always when two parties have involved the dealing of buying and selling property in the market, there have bound to have discussions on what are likes and dislikes about the Melbourne Property Valuation in question. What the seller has to offer to the prospective buyer. Until one signs the contract one is not an actual buyer. This is a stage where the estate agents’ role serves a great deal, valuers serve a great deal in making accurate valuation and posing the best deal for the seller.  The seller and buyers are bound to have discussions or agreements when the price range varies. 

Melbourne Property Valuation

‘Before completion of the contract’ is a stage when all the clarity regarding property prices, and the type and comparative market prices should be provided. There is no point in getting into disputes once the contract for sale or purchase is signed. Towards this stage of signing a contract, the role of attorneys and Property lawyers who are experts in property are important. Their job will be to see for you that you get a clean and pure title of property one is planning to buy. This also means if there is any case running for years over that property and that property one is going to buy is completely free from any future hassles which may be hidden and arise at a later date.

Generally, the discussion over the property turns into a negotiation. This happens when the buyers are concerned with the prices they can pay, the seller is asking for and when the buyer wants to or is aware of the market price for the property the seller is selling. During this time, it is quite normal and required to take the help of the valuer. The valuation report will give a fair idea of the fair market value that the property actually makes for. 

This will make the questions or ideas about the value of the property clear. The buyers and sellers should be ensuring that only the correct legal property agreements are to be drawn up. Hence identifying a legal expert understanding all these documents about the property and one who can cross-check all details to be safe about the property one is going to buy is quite essential. That is another reason that the Valuer’s role is also about protecting the rights of having a case free, legally recognized and lawfully protected property to own it. 

Louis Carlson