How much does a Property Valuation appraisal?

Until the morning of 2020, the cost of an expert Property Valuation appraisal included a figure for registering an appraisal report in the state database, in addition to the price of the service itself. At the same time, a figure was charged for each request for enrollment in the registry, that is, if for some reason the results of the assessment weren’t approved by the authorized body for the first time, for each posterior submission of the same assessment, it was necessary tore-pay the full cost of enrollment .
Since January 2020, the government has approved a new procedure for property valuation, as well as abolished the figure for enrollment of valuation for citizens of Ukraine. thus, the cost of an expert appraisal has now been significantly reduced, since the appraisal company can now register appraisal reports in the state register for free.

Property Valuation

Expert assessment of real estate price
The minimal cost of an expert assessment by the specialists of our company is 800 UAH. This cost applies to the valuation of any type of property. still, the exact cost is calculated collectively for each case, the final price of an expert assessment will depend on the following factors
• object area;
• position;
• the number of structures;
• vacuity of necessary documents;
• timing of the assessment;
• etc.
In order to find out the exact price of an expert assessment, please communicate our pundits by phone or fill out the order form.

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Louis Carlson